Salitec is a leading supplier of environmental testing products for Norwegian industry. We represent FRYKA-Kältetechnik GmbH exclusively in Norway on cabinets.

FRYKA-Kältetechnik GmbH is a highly recognized company in Germany for refrigeration and freezing of gases, solid forms and bags. The company is characterized by very good technical expertise, uncomplicated customer service and innovative products.

We provide cabinets that cover the temperature range -10ºC to -85ºC. The freezer comes in sizes from 2 liters and up to 100 liters. These have a compact design, excellent technical characteristics and are of high quality. These are suitable for use in research, laboratory and industry.

We deliver freezers to major manufacturers in the field of offshore. We also supply cabinets to subcontractors in the offshore industry. In addition, we provide freezing solutions for test houses and companies engaged in other development and production. Furthermore, we also supply various refrigeration solutions to companies engaged in electronics production and defense-related industries.

We also have customers who operate highly advanced products such as the production of parts for satellite and satellite communication.

All of these are demanding customers who want specific products and tailor made by standardized solutions. These are services we deliver to our customers today.

Our customers are basically very coastal based. This means that many of our customers come from Stavanger, Bergen, Molde, Ålesund and Tromsø. Furthermore, we have many customers coming from Oslo, Halden, Horten,

Most of our customers come south of Trondheim.