di-soric colour sensors are ideal for industrial colour measurement and colour identification in virtually all production processes. The perceptive technology, which is equivalent to the precision of the human eye, also allows their use in quality control inspections. The sensors can identify and analyse not only colour changes, but also different surface structures.
The integrated long-term stabilisation ensures reliable processes over an extended period without manual readjustment. Utilisation under fluctuating brightness conditions is also possible, thanks to the integrated extraneous light compensation.
The colour sensors of this series are available with different lens elements, luminous power ratings and measuring channels, to allow users to choose the ideal version for their individual application. Standard parameters for all di-soric colour sensors can be configured by control buttons and a common software platform allows advanced configuration.

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350 colours can be saved
4 or 12 switch outputs
4096 output combinations (binary coded)
Integrated long-term stabilisation
Differentiation of very small
colour nuances (∆E<1)
Checking of surface structures
Very short response times
Adjustable colour tolerance
2-channel differential evaluation
Prime lens or fibre optic cable adaptation
LED status display
Key lock function
Good extraneous light compensation
Transmitter can be disabled for primary light sources
Export of measured values (.csv)
Visualisation of chrominance values with PC software
Optional field bus interface
External trigger input

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