The SMRS Series with BiSS-C interface from Hohner grow importance in the single-turn absolute encoders market thanks to its great electronic and mechanical versatility.
With 5 different mechanics: SMRS64, SMRS10, SMRS19 and SMRS59 are distinguished by offering a wide variety of interfaces: SSI, SSI+Sin/Cos, BiSS-C and BiSS-C+Sin/Cos.

BiSS-C Interface

The most versatile open communication protocol

  • Non-proprietary interface: Greater versatility with lower cost
  • Real-time point-to-point communication
  • Fully digital and bidirectional
  • Transmission speeds up to 10MHz
  • Suitable for motor feedback systems: it provides combined characteristics (errors, warnings, alarms, and the ability to store the motor information in the encoder or driver).